Friday, 18 April 2014


LOL......title says it all I guess! HeHe!

I got my cam out and moved my cunt real close so I could show you some major close ups! 

I spread my cunt but left her "at rest" so you could see how tight I also am......I can give you the best of both worlds......a massive gape, but can also clamp down hard! Hmm! Hope you like these pictures of my cunt and want to fuck me......see my cum beginning to seep out! LOL

I have very good cunt muscles. Lots of practice and in constant use for past several years! HeHe!

If you have followed me for a while you'll know that I've moved on somewhat from simple exhibitionism to hooking up to fuck!

All my fuck holes are available, and I'll do 1 on 1, threesomes, and groups.

You are welcome to cum anywhere in me or on me. And I much prefer bareback!

So if you want to fuck me just message me on

I look forward to opening my cunt, asshole and throat for you!

Love Carrie XX

Friday, 4 April 2014

Anal Whore!

Hi everyone!........sorry, it has been SOOO long since I posted! Carrie has been such a busy girl! HeHe!

Since I've been away one thing I have really gotton into is Anal Only Gang Fucks!

I've assumed this position many times recently and have had my asshole seriously hammered!! Simply adore knowing there are a line of cocks waiting to fuck me in the ass! SOO hot!!

Fingers crossed tomorrow night is going to see me break my PB for cocks up my ass in an evening!

My cunt and throat are still regularly available to, of course! 

You all know by now, but just to confirm that I am available to fuck in and around Abq.........mail me on if you want any or all of my fuck holes.

Love Carrie XX

Saturday, 7 September 2013

My biggest cunt gape captured on camera!

OK as requested, another picture of my wide open cunt. 

This is the biggest gape I’ve captured yet on camera! HeHe! It’s not the greatest quality as it had to be taken in a hurry on a cell - but my fuck hole was huge and I didn’t want to let the moment pass! LOL ...

I'd spent a while getting my cunt to open this wide, and - modesty aside - I was kinda pleased with myself! Hehe!

Plus a normal pic so you don’t forget what I look like ! LOL

You surely all know how to keep my cunt wet and open and my clit throbbing by now don't you?.......yup - share, post, re-publish and expose me.

A big kiss - and, as ever - See Me - Fuck Me!

Carrie XX 


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Gaping my asshole - Giving Deep Throat - Fingering my cunt.

Have had one or two messages saying that I don't have many pictures up of me gaping my asshole. Probably true so hopefully the ones below will help with the shortfall ! HeHe! Me having my ass fucked a month or so back.

Also some pics of me deep throating a guy on a recent trip to my old hunting ground in Las Cruces! Poor quality due to being taken on a cell. Wasn't going to publish but I was encouraged to do so! You know me - don't need much persuasion to show what a slut I am! HeHe!

And a picture of me fingering my cunt, to round out the upload!

As ever : See Me - Fuck Me!

You can also say Hi at

Kisses! Carrie XXX

Monday, 22 July 2013


Usual apologies!.....way too long since last upload! Soreee! 

Here is a picture of me with my legs in the air offering you my cunt or my ass...or both! LOL fact.....have my throat too.......all my fuck holes! Hmm

Also a new pic, unpublished until now, of my gaping cunt - the new thing I'm really into right now! Recent pictures are kinda gynecological! LOL. Just love gaping my cunt for the camera! SOOO hot!  

I'm masturbating hard as I type this. Nude on my bed...legs spread, cunt open! God my fuck hole is HUGE!

I've folded my clit hood back and my clit it like a bullet! 


You know the score now - keep my cunt wet by sharing and exposing me......and, as ever - See Me Fuck Me!

And also say Hi at

Kisses! Carrie XX

Monday, 3 June 2013


Been WAY too long since I uploaded! So just a pic of me and some friends  - sorry about the quality. Again taken on a cell. (with a bonus of my feet in shot - or at least one of them! LOL…yes I STILL get asked! ) + my dirty whore cunt + a “normal” one in case you forget what I look like ! HeHe!



As ever - See Me Fuck Me!

Kisses Carrie X

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My cunt is open and gaping! COME AND FUCK ME!!!

Typing one handed as I hold my slutty cunt wide open! My freshly shaven, wet, gaping fuck hole needs fucking right now! I need cock......or preferably several!

Come and fuck me ! PLEASE!!

I'm masturbating furiously right now.......OMG my cunt is clit is hard as a rock and protruding out from my bald, super smooth cunt lips.......

God I'm desperate for cock! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!

Always a good time to upload when I'm feeling this ever...enjoy my cunt!......

NB - Have added a couple more to the gallery - mainly because I have just shaved my cunt super smooth and am walking around my apmt. completely nude. My cunt is absolutely soaked and it's hard to describe how fucking horny I am!


Carrie XX